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Medical weed as an Aid Against Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal part of the body’s immune response, occurring when the body tries to protect itself by removing harmful stimuli and allowing the healing process to begin. Also, Harmful stimuli include damaged cells, pathogens or irritants, and symptoms of inflammation include tissue swelling, redness, numbness, pain and heat from the site of the stimuli. Mail order cannabis online USA. While inflammation is part of a healthy immune system, chronic inflammation is the outcome of a dysfunction or disruption of those bodily signals. Mail order cannabis USA. 

Acute Vs. Chronic Inflammation

There are multiple types of inflammation, characterized by length and severity. Jamming a finger in the door causes immediate pain and acute inflammation, but both are short lived. In response to this harmful stimulus, the immune system kicks in by sending an army of white blood cells and other necessary substances to initiate the healing process. Mail order cannabis USA.

By contrast, chronic inflammation is a state of persistent stimuli, which may be triggered by anything from a lingering infection to allergies. A malfunction of the healthy immune response could also result in an autoimmune disease, whereby the immune system mistakenly attacks the healthy cells in the body.

Chronic inflammation can last for years, and is a major factor in numerous autoimmune ailments such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis and colitis. Also, According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the U.S., there are more than 80 types of autoimmune disorders, and the current immunosuppressive medicines used to treat them tend to cause severe side effects. Mail order cannabis  USA.

How can cannabis Help With Inflammation?

In 2009, the NIH published a review of collated reports on the anti-inflammatory activities of cannabinoids, compounds in marijuana, with regards to its effects on inflammation. Also, the report revealed that cannabidiol (CBD), an abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, reduced joint inflammation in collagen-induced arthritis. Mail order cannabis USA.

The cannabinoid receptors in the body, mainly the cannabinoid receptor CB2, are targeted by the cannabinoids in medical marijuana. When the receptors are activated, they release fewer cytokines (pro-inflammatory mediators).

Beta-caryophyllene is the main substance in medicinal cannabis that helps control inflammation. Also, Medical marijuana’s essential oils are composed of between 12–35 percent of Beta-caryophyllene, which has been shown to decrease inflammation by up to 70% in the animals tested.

Available research strongly indicates the efficacy of medical marijuana as a means of decreasing inflammation. Mail order cannabis USA.

Best cannabis Strains for Inflammation

1.  Harlequin

Harlequin is a Sativa-dominant strain that is touted for its CBD content. CBD targets pain and anxiety, which is why this strain is consumed by those looking to reduce pain in the body. Also, It will provide pain and arthritic relief, all while countering THC’s tendency to cause paranoia. More so, this strain also brings a sense of clear headed-ness and relaxation. Mail order cannabis online USA.

Most Harlequin users report that this strain doesn’t have as much psychoactive effect as other strains and can get one through the day with no anxiety and paranoia.

2.  GMO Cookies

GMO, or Garlic, Mushroom, and Onions is a popular strain among medical marijuana users because it offers relief from chronic pain. Also, the GMO cookies strain has an equal amount of THC and CBD, making it effective for reducing pain and inflammation.

It provides a body high that can be felt in the temples, upper arms, and shins. The mind high results in a relaxed and mellowed experience. Also, GMO will not bring about any anxiety like other strains. This strain will also help with sleep. Mail order cannabis online USA.

3.  GSC Cookies

GSC is another good one from the cookies strain of cannabis. Also, GSC, or Girl Scout Cookies, is known for its full-body relaxation properties. More so, It is one of the best strains with THC for pain. GSC is used to treat pain and low appetite and increase metabolism.

The body high leads to total body relaxation and can make one happy and euphoric. Also, GSC weed also reduces insomnia, anxiety, and depression. More so, this strain is reserved for users with a high THC tolerance, and it might not be suited to beginners. Mail order cannabis online USA.

4.  ACDC

ACDC has more CBD than THC, which makes it perfect for treating inflammation in the body. Also, the ACDC strain has next to no intoxicating effect on the mind or body. More so, this strain is sought after by medical marijuana users to combat pain and epilepsy and control chemotherapy’s adverse effects.

It also provides anxiety and depression relief. Also, the high CBD/low THC content makes it perfect for anyone who does not like the reality-bending properties of cannabis. More so, It is also suitable for beginners. Mail order cannabis online USA.

5.  Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a hybrid strain with a high CBD content. Also, it is one of the highly favored strains by medical marijuana patients due to its ability to reduce pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and migraines. More so, the high from this strain can be characterized as mellow and uplifting.

It can also provide complete body relaxation and sleep. Also, Cannatonic is one of the best pain strains of medicinal marijuana and is excellent for people who are not fans of the psychoactive effects of weed.

6.  Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web weed gained popularity when it was featured on CNN for treating a girl who had a rare seizure disorder. Also, it was created for its high CBD/low THC that makes it perfect for medicinal use while causing next to no intoxication. Mail order cannabis  USA.

CW is good for inflammation, pain, and muscle soreness. It also helps with anxiety and depression. Also, Charlotte’s Web strain is taken in the form of oils, supplements, edibles, in addition to smoking and vaping.

7.  Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a cannabis strain that was created in the Netherlands in the 90s. Also, it is known for its potent medical-grade properties.

This Sativa-dominant strain will provide mood elevation while maintaining enough Indica to keep you grounded in your body. Also, it doesn’t produce a foggy feeling in the mind. More so,  Jack Herer weed is good for curing pain, muscle spasms, and reduced appetite. Mail order cannabis USA.

It’s also known to treat stress, depression, and anxiety. When using cannabis for pain relief, look out for this potent natural medicine.

8.  Pennywise

Pennywise weed has the perfect combination of high CBD/low THC, which makes it highly effective in treating arthritis. Also, Arthritis causes inflamed joints, and this can lead to high levels of pain.

The Pennywise weed strain has a ratio of 1:1 CBD to THC, which makes its psychoactive effect milder.

Pennywise cannabis is also useful in treating PTSD, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions. This strain is also suitable for reducing anxiety and depression. It may produce euphoria and mental clarity when taken. Mail order cannabis online USA.

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9.  Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is one of the best strains for chronic pain. Also, it is famous for being of the first strains explicitly bred to create a high CBD/low THC component. More so, Sour Tsunami targets pain and inflammation in the body without leading to a THC-induced high. Mail order cannabis online USA.

With Sour Tsunami, you can expect all your body pain to melt away while feeling focused without any heavy headedness. Also, this strain is also suitable for people with anxiety since it has a slight calming effect.

10. Canna-Tsu

Canna-Tsu is bred from Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami, which are two cannabis strains with a high CBD content. Also, this strain is effective in treating pain and inflammation. More so, it is sought-after by medical marijuana users because it provides relief from muscle spasms, chronic pain, neurological disorders, anxiety, and depression. Mail order cannabis  USA.

With this medical marijuana pain relief, you will also have a good night’s sleep. Also, the psychoactive effects of marijuana are barely there in this strain, making it perfect for beginners. More so, Canna-Tsu can be incorporated into edibles for inflammation relief.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for cannabis pain relief without the high, you should focus on strains with a high CBD relative to THC content. CBD is the compound that fights pain and inflammation in the body.

It targets the endocannabinoid receptors, and that can reduce the perception of pain in the body. Strains like Sour Tsunami and GSC are good choices when it comes to medical marijuana for inflammation relief.

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