5 Best Marijuana Strains for Digestive Problems

A survey commissioned by AbbVie Pharmaceuticals found that up to 72% of people live with a digestive problem such as abdominal pain, gas, or diarrhea. What most people don’t realize is that these seemingly innocuous symptoms could be a sign of a more severe condition.

Incredibly, the same survey found that over 50% of Americans with a digestive problem don’t discuss it with a doctor. Even when they do, they may end up with painkillers that may prove dangerous or ineffective. The truth is, cannabis could be your best weapon against digestive problems – read on to find out why. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping.

What Are Digestive Problems?

The digestive system is a large and intricate part of the body that reaches from the mouth to the rectum. As well as helping the body absorb essential nutrients, the digestive system is also responsible for getting rid of waste.

There are several digestive disorders with symptoms of a varying degree of severity.

Some of the most common digestive disorders include conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diverticulitis, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an umbrella term for conditions that cause chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. Two types of IBD are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Symptoms of Digestive Problems

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Symptoms include:

  • Marked change in bowel habits
  • Abdominal pain and cramping, which often decline after using the bathroom
  • A feeling that the bowels are not fully empty after using the bathroom
  • Excess gas
  • Passing of mucus from the rectum
  • Sudden and urgent need to use the bathroom
  • Swelling or bloating of the abdomen
  • Frequent periods of diarrhea, frequent periods of constipation, or alternating between diarrhea and constipation


Diverticula are small, bulging pouches that can form in the lining of the digestive tract. The most common place for diverticula to develop is in the lower part of the large intestine. Diverticula are more likely to occur in people over the age of 40. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping.

Diverticulitis is the name of the condition where these pouches (diverticula) become inflamed or infected. Common symptoms of diverticulitis include:

  • Constant abdominal pain (most commonly the left-hand side of the abdomen)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Abdominal tenderness
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea (less common)

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Symptoms include:

  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Regurgitation of food
  • Feeling like you have a lump in your throat

Crohn’s Disease

This is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract. Crohn’s disease is commonly a relapsing/remitting condition; this means that people with Crohn’s disease often experience periods of remission where they are symptom-free, followed by flare-ups, where they experience the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea or loss of appetite
  • Weight loss

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is another form of IBD which causes inflammation of the colon. It is typically a long-term condition. The Genetics Home Reference Library estimates that approximately 750,000 people in North America have the condition.

Common symptoms of ulcerative colitis include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloody diarrhea with mucus

Less common symptoms of ulcerative colitis:

  • A constant urge to pass feces
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Anemia
  • Fatigue
  • Elevated temperature
  • Dehydration

Traditional Treatment for Digestive Problems

The differing nature of digestive problems means there are various medications on offer. Patients with IBS may receive laxatives, fiber supplements, or anti-diarrheal medications such as Imodium, or an anticholinergic medication such as Bentyl to relieve bowel spasms. Side effects of Bentyl include severe constipation and diarrhea (the same things one may be taking it to treat!)

If you have Crohn’s disease, the main goal is to reduce the inflammation that can trigger symptoms. Common anti-inflammatory drugs include corticosteroids and oral 5-aminosalicylates.

There is also a class of drugs known as immune system suppressors, which reduce inflammation by targeting the immune system. Some of these drugs carry serious side effects. For example, natalizumab has led to a number of cases of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, which can cause death or disability.

These pharmaceutical medications can have severe side effects, which is why cannabis has been investigated as a possible alternative for relief from these conditions. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping.

Research Involving Cannabis & Digestive Problems

Cannabis has a surprising number of positive effects on your digestive system. The THC in cannabis helps stimulate the hunger hormone ghrelin, which is ideal for people with appetite problems.

Perhaps more pertinently, marijuana is capable of calming intestinal inflammation. If you have IBS or IBD, cannabis can help heal the intestine and promote weight gain. A 2012 study by Lahat, Lang, and Ben-Horin found that three months of marijuana use was enough to see weight gain in patients with IBD.

Cannabis interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which includes cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2. The body’s GI tract houses 80% of the immune system and contains cannabinoid receptors.

The gut is home to CB1 and CB2 receptors. Consuming marijuana activates those cannabinoid receptors.

How does it help?  According to a 2016 study by Gyires and Zadori, which was published in Current Neuropharmacology, the direct or indirect activation of CB1 and CB2 receptors exerts multiple beneficial effects on intestinal inflammation.

The researchers found that the activation of both CB receptors ameliorated intestinal inflammation in murine colitis models. More specifically, it decreased visceral hypersensitivity and abdominal pain, and also reduced colitis-associated hypermotility and diarrhea.

Many consider cannabis to be an excellent anti-nausea medication. A 2002 study by Darmani showed that THC could reduce vomiting, which is why it has become a consideration for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Digestive Problems

Of course, not every marijuana strain is created equally, which is why you need to find the best one for digestive problems. We offer five possibilities below. Please note that these haven’t been proven to be the best strains for digestive problems in any studies; they are merely our recommendations.

1 – Holy Grail Kush

If you are suffering from a digestive disorder, then this strain just might be the “holy grail” you are looking for. To give you an indication of this strain’s quality, not only did it come first in the Hybrid category at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, but it also received the competition’s first-ever perfect score. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping.

The Holy Grail Kush strain is descended from two other award-winning strains, namely OG#18 and Kosher Kush. Holy Grail Kush is a highly potent strain. Its THC level averages around the 20% mark but can be as high as 24% in some plants. Needless to say, if you are a novice cannabis smoker, then it is advisable that you try a little at first to see how you tolerate its potency.

Reportedly, this strain is excellent for relieving nausea, is good for boosting appetite, and may help with the abdominal pain associated with digestive disorders.

2 – Granddaddy Purple

The Granddaddy Purple strain is another highly potent cannabis strain, which can contain THC levels as high as 23%. Novice smokers should tread lightly with this one as its effects are pretty powerful.

The Granddaddy Purple strain is best suited for evening or night-time use, as its indica effects are so strong that it usually makes consumers of this strain sleepy. An initial euphoric buzz tends to fade into a deep body melt, leaving you feeling extremely relaxed and potentially couch-locked if you overindulge. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping.

Granddaddy Purple is thought to help relieve the symptoms of a wide variety of conditions. It is commonly used for pain relief but also is a popular choice for those looking to reduce the adverse effects of stress. The Granddaddy Purple strain is reportedly also an excellent strain for enhancing appetite and is popular with people with insomnia due to its soporific effects.

Reviewers of the Granddaddy Purple strain say that it is effective at alleviating some abdominal pain commonly experienced by sufferers of digestive disorders like IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and diverticulitis.

3 – OG Kush

OG Kush is a highly recommended strain for helping to alleviate nausea. Many consumers also claim it’s good for relieving pain and boosting appetite. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping.

It is important to be aware of this strain’s potency before you consume it to help alleviate the symptoms of your condition. The average THC content of an OG Kush strain is usually between 20-25%, which is exceptionally high.

Naturally, with such a high level of THC, the effects of this strain are very powerful. OG Kush is renowned for producing a strong cerebral and uplifting high.

4 – Hash Plant

The Hash Plant strain is an indica-dominant strain (80:20) with a relatively modest THC content. The typical THC level for this strain ranges between 13% on the low end to 19% on the high end.

The Hash Plant strain is potentially great for relaxing the body and alleviating pain. It is also considered a useful strain for alleviating nausea and boosting appetite, too.

Users of this strain say that the deep feeling of relaxation they feel is usually followed by sleepiness later, making this strain more suitable for late evening or night-time use.

5 – Gigabud

One strain which came up repeatedly as a recommendation in reviews from people with gastrointestinal pain was the Gigabud strain. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a deeply relaxing effect. Its uplifting high boosts mood, leaving consumers of this strain happy and giggly. Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping.

As well as reportedly being an excellent strain for pain relief, Gigabud is highly rated for increasing appetite, too. This strain also has a drowsiness-inducing effect, so you will probably start to feel tired before long. Use this one in the evening or at night-time.

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Final Thoughts on Marijuana for Digestive Problems

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from a digestive problem, then perhaps one of the five marijuana strains we’ve outlined above may help.

An increasing body of research suggests that marijuana might help fight nausea, inflammation, and pain.

It is important to note that the use of these strains is only recommended to provide temporary relief from the symptoms of digestive disorders. All of the digestive disorders mentioned in this article benefit from being managed with medication as well, in consultation with a healthcare provider.

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Best Marijuana Strains for Diabetes

Many people with diabetes wonder whether cannabis is an option to address their blood sugar issues. Is consuming cannabis a good idea for type 1 or 2 diabetes? A common stereotype is that cannabis tends to bring on the munchies, which would be dangerous for some individuals. Safe place to order weed online USA. However, further examination of recent studies is painting a different picture.

This article explains the relationship between cannabis and diabetes, including information about particular strains that MMJ patients may use if they are diabetic.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes refers to a number of diseases that involve problems with the hormone insulin.

Typically, after eating, the pancreas releases insulin to the body to help store and use sugar from food. For those that have diabetes, the pancreas does not function properly and either produces very little insulin or none at all.

Diabetes is classed as a number of diseases that involve problems with the hormone insulin.

It was recently estimated that 29 million people in the United States have diabetes. Approximately 1.25 million children and adults have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Globally, 415 million adults have diabetes, which is 1 in 11 adults; by 2040, it is expected that 642 million adults will have diabetes. Safe place to order weed online USA.

Why Is Insulin So Important?

Insulin is an essential hormone. The human body consists of millions of cells, all of which need energy to survive. That energy comes from food, much of it in a form known as glucose.

After eating, glucose is transferred through the bloodstream to different parts of the body, where it provides energy to cells. In this process, insulin acts as a transporter that takes glucose from the bloodstream and transfers it into cells.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes can be categorized into two major types: type 1 and type 2. Some women also develop diabetes during pregnancy, which is known as gestational diabetes. However, type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the most common forms.

Type 1 Diabetes: In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin as the immune system has destroyed the cells that synthesize it. People with type 1 diabetes produce no insulin and are therefore required to use insulin injections to prevent their blood glucose from becoming too high. Safe place to order weed online USA.

Type 2 Diabetes: Unlike type 1, people with type 2 diabetes can produce insulin. However, they either do not produce enough or their cells cannot utilize it effectively, a phenomenon known as insulin resistance.   Over time, the pancreas may reduce its insulin production further and eventually stop making the hormone altogether.

Both types of diabetes can cause a surplus of glucose in the blood. Therefore, patients need to monitor their blood glucose regularly.  Untreated conditions can lead to complications such as neuropathy, blindness, chronic kidney failure, and other severe symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Frequent urination
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision

Managing Diabetes Without Cannabis

There are quite a few ways that people manage diabetes, including meal planning, exercising regularly, and taking prescribed medicine.

The most crucial thing is to monitor blood sugar and blood pressure levels at all times. Stress and anxiety can also cause complications for people with diabetes. Anxiety can raise blood sugar levels, so it is important for those with diabetes to relax as much as possible. Safe place to order weed online USA.

Medical Research on Cannabis and Diabetes

Unlike other medical conditions, quite a few studies have been conducted on the connection between cannabis and diabetes.

In 2013, the results of a 5-year study were released showing that out of 4657 respondents, of which 2554 had used cannabis, those who had used marijuana had 16% lower fasting insulin levels, as well as having 17% lower levels of insulin resistance.

Participants who were current cannabis users also had higher levels of good HDL cholesterol and smaller waistlines. The most significant finding was that marijuana users appeared to have better carbohydrate metabolism than non-users. Their fasting insulin levels were much lower, and the participants appeared to be less resistant to the natural insulin produced by their body to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

We look at the research…

The authors of this study suggested that cannabis compounds called cannabinoids may help to control blood sugar. Their primary focus was on delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary intoxicating compound in cannabis. However, there is some evidence that non-intoxicating cannabinoids could also be beneficial.

The results of a 2016 study showed that tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) significantly reduced fasting glucose levels and increased pancreatic cell function. They also demonstrated that cannabidiol (CBD) decreased resistin, a hormone that is involved in the development of insulin resistance. Meanwhile, it increased glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide, a hormone that plays a role in insulin release. Safe place to order weed online USA.

Animal studies have also shown that CBD could reduce pancreatic inflammation and delay the onset of type 1 diabetes. However, further research is required to demonstrate whether these effects are replicated in humans.

Which Cannabis Strains Could Be Best for Diabetes?

Cannabis therapy could have a positive impact on some symptoms of diabetes, but the relationship is not entirely clear. As a result, there are no strains that are best suited for those with diabetes.

Similar to any condition, it is important to understand the side effects of each marijuana strain and determine over time which strains work best for the individual.

Furthermore, dosing is a major factor when it comes to managing different medical conditions. It is always best to schedule an appointment with a marijuana doctor to receive a consultation before any cannabis intake. This is because one of the major risk factors of marijuana use with diabetes involves users getting intoxicated and forgetting to check their blood glucose, which can cause it to tip into what can be dangerous imbalances.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Diabetes

It is important to understand that while specific strains may not have an effect on diabetes overall, cannabis may reduce blood glucose levels and help users feel better. It may also reduce stress and other conditions that could worsen diabetes.

None of the following strains have been clinically proven to help with diabetes, they are merely suggestions based on anecdotal reports. Safe place to order weed online USA.

#1 – Harlequin

Harlequin seems to be a good choice for diabetes patients because of its high CBD and low THC content (5:2 ratio). Regardless of its 75% sativa genetic makeup, this cannabis strain provides feelings of relaxation without causing couch lock or an intense high.

As a high CBD cannabis strain, Harlequin will not produce a heavily psychoactive high. However, it is an ideal relaxation option for dealing with stress, while still maintaining mental clarity and motivation.

#2 – Green Crack

Green Crack is a very well-known strain that can provide heightened energy levels. It is thought to do so without producing too much anxiety.

Green Crack is reportedly well known for treating fatigue and depression, as well as assisting those who have diabetes due to its happy and energetic effects without the need for sugar.

#3 – Blue Dream

The Blue Dream marijuana strain is often recommended in dispensaries for a variety of ailments – and there is a reason for that.

Blue Dream is the most widely used cannabis strain and is a preferred choice for people who have diabetes. This cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and it is ideal for lowering stress levels. It is also known for helping with depression and headaches, conditions often associated with diabetes. Safe place to order weed online USA.

#4- Doug’s Varin

While this cannabis strain is tough to find, it is said to be a good choice for diabetes due to its high levels of THCV. As we mentioned earlier, a study of 62 diabetic patients found that THCV treatment successfully improved fasting insulin levels and reduced blood glucose.

Doug’s Varin contains both THCV and THC and the combination is ideal for achieving a high that is both medicinal and satisfying.

Safe place to order weed online USA

#5 – Cannatonic

The Cannatonic cannabis strain is extremely popular for its healing properties due to its high quantity of CBD at 6-17%.

This cannabis strain rarely presents more than 6% THC, which makes an ideal fit for those who prefer not to experience a lot of psychoactive effects after consuming marijuana. Safe place to order weed online USA. This hybrid cannabis strain is used to assist a variety of medical patients, including those who suffer from diabetes, anxiety, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. Safe place to order weed online USA.

Final Thoughts About Marijuana and Diabetes

As mentioned a few times throughout this article, marijuana can be quite dangerous if it is not consumed responsibly, especially if the individual suffers from a condition that can be influenced by cannabis. While some findings are conclusive that cannabis could benefit diabetes, it is still best to consult with a doctor before use.

It is essential to consume cannabis responsibly if the individual suffers from a condition that can be influenced by it.

Do you have any experience with marijuana and diabetes? Please share what works for you on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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4 Best Marijuana Strains That’ll Melt Away Anxiety

Anxiety is a tricky beast to combat and also a problematic medical condition to explain. People often use “anxiety” as an umbrella term to describe different feelings of unease or an uneasy situation. It is often related to stress. You might even hear people say, “I’m always so stressed and worried, I’m sure that I suffer from anxiety.”

In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure society, it’s almost impossible not to feel “anxious” at some point. But the fact that you are stressed, worried, or under pressure, doesn’t necessarily mean that you suffer from anxiety. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t. Do you suffer from anxiety, or are you simply a regular worrier? Your primary care provider can help make an accurate diagnosis. Buy buds online USA

Whether you fall into the category of people who suffer from anxiety or not, there are treatments available. An increasing number of people are drawn towards medical marijuana for anxiety. In this article, you’ll find out why. Today, we will answer, “What is anxiety?” We also discuss its symptoms and show you four of the best strains for anxiety.

Need a highly effective solution for anxiety? Continue reading or explore your options by starting here.

What is Anxiety

According to recent data, anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in North America. Current data from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) makes troubling reading. According to the ADAA, anxiety affects 40 million American Adults. The NIH claims that one-third of teenagers aged 13-18 will experience an anxiety disorder.

An incredible 83% of Americans suffer from work-related stress. Yet another report showed that half of college students suffered from anxiety and were seeking medical treatment.

Anxiety is a general term that people use to describe a variety of different feelings. It is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, apprehension, or unease. It is also recognized by  several more specific diagnoses, like:

  • General anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Major depressive disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobic disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder

Of all of the anxiety disorders stated above, GAD is the most common one, affecting 5% of Americans at some point in their life.

Women are more likely to suffer from all of the anxiety disorders except for PTSD. Anxiety tends to hit women around the age of 50. It often occurs around the age when menopause sets in. Buy buds online USA. It isn’t a stand-alone illness like the flu. When it hits, it hits hard, and related disorders such as depression often accompany it.

Anxiety Symptoms – What to Look Out for

People who suffer from anxiety often experience the following:

  • Regularly feeling out of control
  • Experiencing higher levels of stress
  • Struggling with low self-esteem issues
  • Feeling nervous and anxious in social situations
  • Having extreme difficulty managing pressure at work or home
  • Being sick more often than usual
  • Experiencing unhealthy relationships
  • Suffering from health problems apart from anxiety
  • Feeling depressed
  • Having anger management issues
  • Constantly feeling unsettled and overwhelmed
  • Maybe bouncing from job to job due to higher levels of stress

According to Anxiety UK, you can see the condition in the following ways:

Physical effects: Increased heartbeat, sweating, muscle tension, dry mouth, feeling dizzy, churning stomach.

Cognitive effects: People who suffer from anxiety may experience negative thoughts. They could feel like they are going to make a fool of themselves or that they are going to die.

Behavioral effects: Many people end up changing their behavior due to the fear of having an anxiety attack. They will avoid certain situations that make them uneasy.

How Anxiety Is Treated Without Marijuana

Anxiety is a hot topic in the medical research industry, leading to a variety of treatments. Researchers have found many of these therapies effective in treating anxiety disorders:

  • Talk Therapy: Talk therapy isn’t just about talking. It’s about solving issues and finding a solution to your problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s work-related or if you get anxiety due to social activities. Many people find talk therapy to be effective in overcoming fears or coping with stress.
  • Medication: According to recent data, 40% of Americans take at least one prescription medication. A staggering 17% have prescriptions for at least three medications.! Doctors often prescribe Paxil, Xanax, or Niravam to manage anxiety.
  • Alternative Therapies: Examples include yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. Alternative therapies are popular as people try to change their lifestyle. The hope is that it will help them cope with day-to-day illnesses and medical conditions. These great solutions could effectively treat anxiety as they contribute to a healthy, happy, and productive lifestyle.

Marijuana and Anxiety

The use of marijuana for anxiety is a controversial topic. Marijuana could cause distress or paranoia, especially if you take it in large doses over a short period. It can lead to panic attacks, one of the main reasons why people stop using it. Nevertheless, when you use marijuana responsibly, it can have the opposite effect. There is potential for it to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety. Buy buds online USA

THC and CBD can have very different effects and will also affect people in different ways.

CBD-dominant marijuana strains tend to reduce levels of anxiety as they act on serotonin receptors. However, for some, THC could decrease anxiety as it produces psychoactive effects that relieve people’s stress and improve anxiety.

A significant case series looked at whether CBD helped improve sleep and anxiety. Shannon et al. published their study in The Permanente Journal in January 2019. Of the 72 adults in the research, anxiety scores decreased by 79% in the first month. More importantly, their anxiety remained low for the duration of the study.

A study by Cuttler et al. looked at the effect of cannabis on anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms. Published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in August 2018, the team made an exciting discovery. They found that cannabis users perceived a 58% reduction in anxiety and stress. They also enjoyed a 50% reduction in depression.

In the end, it all comes down to the right balance and dosing. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a doctor before considering marijuana for anxiety.

4 Best Weed Strains for Anxiety

Whether you are just starting or you’ve been smoking cannabis for years, it is always best to begin slowly. Every marijuana strain has different THC/CBD levels and will affect your mind and body differently.

If you are seeking treatment for anxiety, and decide to try cannabis, consult with a professional. If you feel that the strain you are consuming isn’t right, stop using it.

Here are four of the best strains for anxiety. As you will see, there is no definitive answer in the ‘indica vs. sativa for anxiety’ debate.

1) White Widow (Sativa Dominant Marijuana Hybrid)

White Widow is a sativa dominant hybrid. It is a cross of a South Indian indica and a South American sativa. While it is popular today in North America, it was a smash hit when unleashed on the Amsterdam coffee-shop scene back in the 1990s. White Widow was one of the first famous European imports to reach American shores.

With a THC content of between 18% and 25%, novices should opt for a less potent herb. Its minimal CBD level of 0.2% does nothing to counteract the effects. It promotes a full-bodied, ‘spacey’ high, which makes it a popular choice for patients with anxiety or PTSD. Buy buds online USA. Users say White Widow provides the perfect blend of euphoria and stimulation and often take it to relieve mood disorders.

Read the full White Widow Review here.

2) Sour OG (Hybrid Marijuana Strain)

Sour OG is a mellow and relaxing marijuana strain that may help with stress and anxiety. It is an excellent choice for anxiety relief thanks to its conservative THC levels of 13-17%. As a result, it is less likely to cause side effects than other more potent strains. It is a balanced hybrid that’s a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Sour OG remains a popular smoke for medicinal and recreational users. Some use it as an afternoon delight due to its capacity to induce relaxation without causing sleepiness. It is also an award-winner. Sour OG received first prize in the ‘hybrid’ category in the 2011 High Times Medical cannabis cup.

Read the full Sour OG Strain Review here.

3) Cherry Pie (Indica Dominant Marijuana Hybrid)

This indica dominant marijuana strain promotes a creative high with a clear mind. It is a cross of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. With two legendary parents, you may expect a lot from Cherry Pie, and it doesn’t disappoint. Buy buds online USA. Its THC level ranges significantly depending on the cut. You can get Cherry Pie with anywhere from 13% to 23% THC.

Unlike some indicas, it provides deep relaxation but allows you to remain active and alert. Many users consider this strain perfect for dealing with stressful situations. Some claim it helps them feel inspired and creative. While it is incredibly useful in helping you unwind, you never feel as if Cherry Pie overwhelms you.

Read the complete Cherry Pie Review here.

Buy buds online USA

4) Grandaddy Purple (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

Ken Estes’ San Francisco lab is responsible for breeding one of the world’s most popular marijuana strains. Better known as GDP, Granddaddy Purple is a cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. The California native is wildly popular amongst those who need a useful stress-buster after a hard day.

This indica dominant hybrid delivers potent psychoactive effects with cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. With a THC content of around 23%, this is not a strain for newbies. However, if you are looking for full-body relaxation and a powerful high, it could be the right choice for you. Buy buds online USA

Read the complete Granddaddy Purple Review here.

Best Cannabis Strains That’ll Melt Away Anxiety: Final Thoughts

The relationship between cannabis and anxiety is a complex one. There is no doubt that overdoing it could easily make matters worse. However, when you use it in moderation, medical marijuana for anxiety and stress could provide a valid, natural treatment.

The strains listed above are just a few of the many strains that could help with anxiety relief. If you have any other suggestions on how to treat anxiety with marijuana, let the community know! Post them in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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How to order marijuana 

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How marijuana Helps Control Epileptic Seizures

The use of marijuana in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy is a widely discussed topic. Seizures are classified as unusual electrical activity in the brain that can manifest in a variety of ways, including the shaking of all or part of the body, a change in behavior, or a change in consciousness level. Seizures are a symptom of epilepsy. However, not all people with seizures necessarily have epilepsy. Buy legal weed online USA. There are also types of seizures called psychogenic nonepileptic seizures. These may be the result of a psychiatric disorder (and not a physical cause).

In 2018, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved a medication comprised of CBD for the treatment of seizures associated with two specific types of epilepsy. The medication is called Epidiolex, and it can be used in patients who have Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Studies showed that taking Epidiolex in combination with other medications could reduce the frequency that these patients experience seizures.

Given the efficacy of Epidiolex and of Charlotte’s Web (whose story is outlined below), it is possible that other forms of CBD may also play a role in treating seizures. Here are five strains of cannabis that may be beneficial. Please note that these haven’t been proven to be the best strains for seizures and epilepsy in any studies; they are merely our recommendations based on their CBD content. Buy legal weed online USA.

1. Charlotte’s Web

This is one of the most popular strains suggested to help with seizures. It is named after Charlotte Figi, a little girl who suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy (and one of the forms that can be treated with Epidiolex). The Stanley Brothers developed Charlotte’s Web to help with Charlotte’s rare condition. It contains an average of 0.3% THC and very high amounts of CBD. As a result, this strain may be ideal for epilepsy patients who don’t want the risk of intoxication.

The Stanleys were able to significantly reduce the THC content of the strain while still boosting its CBD. They created a product with an exceptionally calming “body high” without any mental side effects. Little Charlotte was experiencing extremely violent seizures hundreds of times a week before she used CBD. After she started using the high-CBD cannabis oil, her seizures were reduced from over a thousand to just a handful each month. This strain has a “web-like” appearance, with thick, long trichomes wrapped around the buds.

Charlotte’s Web is still a relatively rare strain. Nonetheless, it is highly sought after by medical marijuana communities across the country, as many proponents claim that Charlotte’s Web is hugely effective in reducing seizures.


The ACDC strain is an evenly-balanced hybrid with a 50:50 sativa to indica ratio. The reason that this strain makes this list is that it is a high CBD, low THC strain. Some ACDC strains can contain up to twenty times more CBD than THC. More typically, though, the ACDC strain contains, on average, approximately 6% THC and around 15% CBD. Therefore, this strain more commonly has a CBD: THC ratio of about 2.5:1.

Another potential benefit of this strain is because of its low THC content; consumers are unlikely to experience a psychoactive high after using it. Many users of this strain describe its effects as predominantly uplifting and relaxing. Due to its well-balanced genetics, consumers of the ACDC strain are unlikely to experience any drowsiness or sedating effects. Buy legal weed online USA. This makes the ACDC strain suitable for daytime use.

3. Cannatonic

Cannatonic is potentially useful for managing epilepsy and seizures, headaches, fatigue, muscle spasms, migraines, and chronic pain. It offers a less-cloudy, focus-inducing high because of its low THC content, which is between 7% and 15%. It also has a high CBD content of approximately 12%.

A powerful and relaxing strain, Cannatonic could help to focus the mind. However, these effects are overshadowed by the intense numbing and warming sensations that flow over the body. Cannatonic is unique in its chemical composition, which doesn’t have the sole purpose of getting the user high. Instead, it could work on medical conditions from the inside out.

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This strain has the potential to profoundly enhance mood, as some say it seems as if they are floating on a cloud after consuming it. Possible outcomes include increased feelings of positivity and optimism, together with a boost of energy. Users say the high is calm, and the strain is suitable for use at any time of the day. Cannatonic shouldn’t seriously affect motivation levels or produce any drowsiness or sleepiness.

4. Ringo’s Gift

While reports of the THC contained in Ringo’s Gift tend to vary considerably, many believe that this strain has an extremely low THC content and a significantly higher CBD content. Some suggest that Ringo’s Gift contains as little as 1% THC and around 15% CBD. Buy legal weed online USA

Ringo’s Gift is named after Lawerence Ringo, who was a cannabis activist and an advocate of the potential benefits of high CBD strains. Many consumers of this strain say that it can deeply relax the body without causing couch-lock or any feeling of sedation. This makes Ringo’s Gift a potential daytime option for cannabis consumers.

5. Harlequin

Harlequin is the only sativa-dominant (75:25) hybrid on this list. As is the case with the ACDC and Cannatonic strains, Harlequin contains a higher CBD than THC content. Most Harlequin strains contain an average THC range of between 7-10% and a CBD level of between 8.5-15%.

Many Harlequin consumers describe its effects as uplifting and mildly energizing, to begin with. These initial effects tend to taper off before being replaced by a feeling of relaxation.

Harlequin consumers say that its cerebral effects are relatively clear-headed, which allows them to continue to carry on with their daily tasks. This makes the Harlequin strain suitable for daytime consumption.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Strains for Seizures and Epilepsy

On June 25, 2018, the Food and Drug Administration approved a medication called Epidiolex, which is now used to treat two specific kinds of childhood epilepsy, namely Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome. As the active ingredient in Epidiolex is CBD, this has naturally piqued the interest of cannabis consumers who have epilepsy.

However, we would caution anyone considering consuming any of the strains on this list, or any other high-CBD strain for that matter, to discuss it with their medical professional before doing so. Buy legal weed online USA.

We are not medical experts at WayofLeaf, and none of the information contained in this article is meant in any way, shape, or form, to be interpreted as us giving medical advice to our readers. As mentioned above, the strains that appear on this list were merely chosen as they contain significant amounts of CBD, and cannabidiol is one of the main ingredients used in Epidiolex.

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How Medical Cannabis Help to relieve Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical marijuana for Alzheimer’s Disease: How Can it Help

As the population ages, there will continue to be an increased demand for Alzheimer’s treatments that can help manage symptoms and slow disease progression. Also, Many people are looking for safe alternatives to conventional Alzheimer’s disease medications. More so, Research continues to show promising results with medical marijuana for Alzheimer’s disease as one of the alternative treatments. Mail Order marijuana online USA

The cannabis plant contains over 60 different compounds, many of which are proving to have important health properties for disease treatment. Also, Ongoing research investment is continuing to uncover the exact link between cannabis and Alzheimer’s and how it may work to treat neurodegenerative diseases. So far, studies have shown specific abilities of certain cannabis compounds to target brain abnormalities in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

For example, in an article titled “A Molecular Link Between the Active Component of Marijuana and Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology,” published in Molecular Pharmaceutics, Lisa M. Eubanks, PhD (Staff Scientist at the Scripps Research Institute and the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology) reported that THC is a considerably more effective inhibitor than the approved drugs for Alzheimer’s disease treatment, donepezil and tacrine.

Furthermore, she stated that “THC and its analogues may provide an improved therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease [by] simultaneously treating both the symptoms and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Another researcher, Maria L. de Ceballos, PhD, Group Leader in the Department of Neural Plasticity at the Cajal Institute in Spain, found in a recent marijuana study that the cannabinoid receptors found in marijuana are important in the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease and that cannabinoids succeed in preventing the neurodegenerative process occurring in the disease.

Unfortunately, research into the benefits of medical cannabis for Alzheimer’s disease and myriad other health issues has been largely stymied in the United States due to federal government roadblocks fueled by pharmaceutical company “intervention.” However, the research that has been conducted in the U.S. and abroad shows that there are several specific ways that marijuana may be able to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s. Mail Order marijuana online USA

Here are five ways cannabis for Alzheimer’s disease helps treat cognitive decline:

1. THC and Neural Plaques: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound found in certain cannabis strains. Multiple studies have looked at the effects of THC on neural plaques. THC has been shown to slow the formation of damaging plaque in the brain.

It appears that small doses of THC slow the growth of beta-amyloid, the protein responsible for creating neural plaques. In fact, one study showed that THC content in medical cannabis had a greater ability to stimulate neural plaque removal than Alzheimer’s medications, Aricept and Cognex.

2. CBD and Cellular Health: Cannabis also contains another plant compound called cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike THC, which produces psychoactive and mind-altering effects, CBD offers other health benefits that can help treat Alzheimer’s disease. Order marijuana USA. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic and sedative properties. Neurological studies on CBD have shown that it can help slow the process of cell death, known as apoptosis. Used in combination with THC, it has shown promise in reducing oxidative injury, inflammatory events and other mechanisms that help contribute to degeneration of the brain. This means CBD can help Alzheimer’s patients by preventing healthy brain cells from dying off. Mail Order marijuana online USA

3. Cannabis and Inflammation: It is believed that a major contributing factor to Alzheimer’s development is inflammation around plaque that builds up in the brain. Cannabinoids have shown promise in reducing inflammation and slowing cognitive degeneration as a result.

Initial animal testing has shown that cannabis can help lower inflammation around neural plaques. Order marijuana USA. Specifically, cannabis activates an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps slow cognitive decline. Though it hasn’t yet been proven in humans, researchers feel that there is a possible connection between cannabis and reducing neurological inflammation in humans. Continued research can help to confirm this and provide further support for medical marijuana and Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Mail Order marijuana online USA

4. Cannabis and Cellular Growth: Studies have also examined how cannabinoids show promise in helping to stimulate the growth of tissue in the portion of the brain that controls memory, known as the hippocampus. For Alzheimer’s patients, this means that cannabis may help improve memory function by stimulating greater rates of neuron growth.

5. Cannabis and Alzheimer’s Symptoms: Alzheimer’s patients typically suffer from a wide range of symptoms. Cannabis has also shown an ability to help improve quality of life in Alzheimer’s patients by reducing and managing many of these symptoms. Order marijuana USA. Marijuana is a known appetite stimulant, and provides a relaxed feeling. These and other properties can help greatly improve the quality of life of people suffering from this terrible disease. Here’s how cannabis can help treat Alzheimer’s disease symptoms:

  • Stimulating appetite
  • Controlling weight
  • Boosting motor function
  • Preventing delusions
  • Controlling agitation, aggression and irritability
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Increasing social engagement

While the research points to cannabis potentially helping slow disease progress, for many patients the improved quality of life is reason enough to choose medical cannabis as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Best Cannabis Strains for Alzheimer’s Disease

While there isn’t yet sufficient evidence to recommend standardized dosages of medical marijuana for Alzheimer’s disease, there are certain strains that can help treat specific aspects of the disease. Order marijuana USA. Here are some considerations when choosing strains of medical cannabis for Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Cannabis Sativa: This strain of cannabis is known to enhance cognitive function. This can be helpful to Alzheimer’s disease patients who wish to be stimulated, energized and more fully engaged in conversations.
  • Cannabis Indica: This strain of cannabis is known to improve sleep and stimulate appetite. Often patients with Alzheimer’s don’t have regular sleeping and eating patterns and may find cannabis indica strains helpful in treating these symptoms. Mail Order marijuana online USA
  • Cannabis Hybrids: These strains of cannabis are mixes between indica and sativa and offer benefits from both types. Cannabis hybrids offer either a sativa- or indica-dominant strain or a half-and-half mix. Alzheimer’s disease patients can choose a hybrid strain based on which symptoms they want to treat.

Best Cannabis Uses for Alzheimer’s Disease

Choosing a cannabis strain is only part of the decision when finding your ideal medical marijuana for Alzheimer’s disease treatment. You’ll also need to decide on how to use the treatment. Here are two ways to use medical cannabis for Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Smoking: Smoking is known to be the quickest way to feel the beneficial effects of cannabis compounds. This may be a simple and effective way for many Alzheimer’s patients. However, it can cause respiratory side effects. This is especially concerning in elderly patients who may also suffer from Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (COPD). Some people may also be hesitant to do smoke marijuana because of the smell. Order marijuana USA
  • Edibles: Edible cannabis is convenient and easy for Alzheimer’s disease patients. Also, the beneficial effects felt from edibles also last much longer than from smoking. More so, the effects of smoking marijuana typically last between one and three hours, while edible marijuana effects last up to seven hours. Furthermore, Eating marijuana also provides a mellower high, making it more relaxing for many users. Using edibles also helps conserve a great deal of the plant that would otherwise be wasted because it’s not conducive for smoking. In addition, People who use edible cannabis also don’t typically experience the tired, burned-out feeling that can often occur when smoking. Mail Order marijuana online USA

Using edible medical marijuana for Alzheimer’s disease can be a bit tricky at first, however. Also, because someone can’t feel the effects right away, he or she may be more prone to eating too much. More so, the best way to use edible cannabis is for the patient to eat a small amount first on an empty stomach, wait about an hour, and then decide if he or she needs more. An expert at a local medical marijuana dispensary can provide guidance to take much of the guesswork out of the edible approach. Order marijuana USA

How to order

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Healthful Reasons You Should Try CBD Oil

CBD is Naturally Occurring In Your Body

You and every other mammal is equipped with an endocannabinoid system whose sole purpose to maintain equilibrium, or homeostasis, in the body. CBD nourishes this system. Buy CBD online USA

CBD Doesn’t Get You High

CBD is one of 85+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. THC is the one everyone has heard about, as it’s the most prevalent. The second one is CBD – it does not possess the same psychoactive properties that THC does.  Therefore, you can safely apply or consume CBD without any mental impairment.

CBD Boosts Your Overall Health

Because these molecules are already produced by your body, what you’re really doing is bolstering the total amount. This increase gives your body the tools to clean, repair, improve, and strengthen all of your physiological systems.

Daily Use Is Beneficial Whether You’re Healthy or Sick

A daily CBD regimen will deliver exponential benefits as compared to sporadic or occasional usage. If you need help choosing the best type of CBD for you, check out of CBD Dosage Guide that covers different salves and tinctures.

CBD Relieves Joint Pain, Anxiety, Insomia, and More

A wide range of studies have shown that CBD is a great anti-inflammatory molecule that offers relief from these symptoms. If you’d like to learn more about the different ways CBD could help you, read this article.

CBD Oil Does Not Show Up On Drug Tests

Buy CBD online USA

Drug tests are designed to test for the presence of THC and its metabolites in the system. That means that patients using CBD products derived from hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC, will likely not test positive on a drug test even with regular use. The reason we say ‘likely’ is because full spectrum CBD extracts (those that extract all beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant), can have trace levels of THC in the finished product. For this reason, it’s important that you purchase batch-tested CBD products, meaning you know exactly how much THC (if any) is in your specific bottle of tinctures. The THC levels in most CBD products, like those from jerrycannabisdispensary.com, are negligible and would not show up in a drug test (unless taken in VERY large amounts).  Buy CBD online USA

You Don’t Need a Doctor or Medical Card

It’s Impossible To Overdose

CBD is non-toxic, meaning no fatal overdose levels have ever been reported. It has been tested up to 1,500 mg/day – way more than they average person would take! Learn more about the safety of CBD here.

CBD Is Available Online

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Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a medical strain high in CBD, a cannabis compound (or cannabinoid) that has a range of medical applications. Colorado growers the Stanley Brothers created this strain specifically for Charlotte Figi — a young epilepsy patient and medical cannabis user — by crossing an unspecified strain with industrial hemp. where to buy weed online USA . The effectiveness of Charlotte’s Web in treating Figi’s seizures was publicized in a CNN special and garnered enough attention to attract droves of families to Colorado in search of similar relief.  Charlotte’s Web has spurred a wave of innovation in CBD breeding, giving us strains like Cannatonic. With limited psychoactivity, Charlotte’s Web contains little to no THC. Its CBD content, however, runs from 15 to 20% — that’s 300 times higher than the CBD of the average recreational strain. where to buy weed online USA

where to buy Marijuana online USA

Unlike its cousin cannabinoid THC, CBD doesn’t act directly on the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Essentially, CBD may act as a booster to help out many of the body’s naturally functioning processes. where to buy weed online USA
Although Charlotte’s Web is available as a concentrated oil for easy medical ingestion, buds of the strain are also available for adults who prefer more traditional consumption. where to buy weed online USA .Flowers of this hemp-descended strain have a sativa appearance, with long, tapered buds and olive green leaves. Those accustomed to more psychoactive strains will notice that Charlotte’s Web has relatively few pistils and, due to the near-absence of THC-laden trichomes, very little stickiness. Its scent is more familiar: dank and piney with some light floral notes. When burnt, this strain gives off a smooth smoke. On the exhale, it may taste slightly skunky with an underlying grassy, vegetal taste that speaks to its hemp content. where to buy weed online USA

Buy marijuana online USA

Charlotte’s Web can be useful for casual edible bakers who want to avoid an intense high. That said, depending on the particular phenotype of Charlotte’s Web consumed, users may get some buzzy effects ranging from a heightened sense of well-being to some sensory enhancement. where to buy weed online USA. Generally speaking, however, medical-grade Charlotte’s Web comes with negligible psychoactivity, making it a prime choice for patients – particularly children – who want to avoid getting high. In fact, researchers believe that the presence of CBD may actually act to shut down any trippy or anxiety-inducing feelings caused by trace amounts of THC. where to buy weed online USA

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Charlotte’s Web creators the Stanley Brothers have not made the strain’s seeds available for commercial sale; consumers should be wary of any companies purporting to sell seeds under the Charlotte’s Web name. where to buy weed online USA .If prospective growers are able to obtain clones of this rare plant, they’ll have success growing it both indoors and out — the hemp in this strain’s genetics centuries for  is less finicky than cannabis and can thrive in some harsh conditions. Plants have a bushy, indica-like shape. They flower within 8 to 9 weeks and typically offer a high yield of flowers. Growers should also note that only a certain portion of all clones planted will show themselves to be high in CBD — others may have an equal balance of THC and CBD or simply have a higher concentration of THC. where to buy weed online USA
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How marijuana relief Pain

Marijuana Relief Pain

No matter which part, organ, or system of the body is affected, many medical conditions cause noticeable discomfort and/or pain.  Chronic pain can have debilitating effects on your physical abilities, your hobbies and leisure activities, your job opportunities, your general mood and emotional state, and even your mobility. Marijuana relief Pain .Some common causes of chronic pain in the United States include:
  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Chronic Migraines
  • Nerve Damage (Neuropathy)
While traditional painkiller drugs such as morphine and oxycodone can be effective, they are also associated with a high risk of addiction and dependence, and can be dangerous or even fatal when administered in improper amounts. Cannabis offers similar palliative benefits, with less significant risk of substance abuse and consequent health issues. buy Marijuana for Pain
The scientific basis for marijuana’s painkilling ability lies in the way the active ingredients, called Cannabinoids, affect the brain. Cannabis contains at least 80 different cannabinoids — notably delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC — which activate the body’s Cannabinoid receptors.  These receptors are found in brain and throughout most body organs. Marijuana relief Pain
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Health benefits of cannabis oil You Need to know

Health benefits of cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is considered as one of the most effective oils for alleviation of certain conditions and illnesses. Order cannabis oil online
Researchers believe there are at least two active chemicals in cannabis that have medicinal applications & cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, impacts the brain without a high, and tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, has pain relieving properties
The health benefits of cannabis oil are caused by these medicinal applications. Here are the top 15 health benefits of cannabis oil Online

Relieves Pain

Helps Control Epileptic Seizures

The effects of cannabis oil, more specifically the cannabinoids such as THC, help to control seizures by attaching to the brain cells that are responsible for regulating relaxation and controlling excitability.

Slows Alzheimer’s disease

The effects of cannabis oil may be able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. THC, the active chemical in cannabis oil, slows the establishment of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme in the brain that makes them. Amyloid plaques are what kill brain cell and ultimately cause Alzheimer’s disease. Order cannabis oil online

Improves Heart Health

The elusive oils in cannabis oil can help improve heart health by balancing out the negative oils that are in a person’s system. In addition, the oil can stimulate antioxidant processes such as maximising the health of the cardiovascular system and scraping off excess cholesterol.

Eases Multiple Sclerosis Pain

One of the health effects of cannabis oil includes the ease of pain symptoms from multiple sclerosis. The THC in the cannabis oil attaches to the receptors in the nerves and muscles in order to relieve pain. There are also studies that suggest THC helps to control muscle spasms

Enhances Appetite

It’s a well-known fact that those who consume cannabis in any form notice an increased appetite. However, the use of cannabis oil can help you regulate your appetite and encourage hunger. At the same time, it can stimulate your digestive system in order to operate on a regular level.

Treats Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Studies suggest one of the effects of cannabis oil could aid patients with inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The THC and CBD chemicals interact with the body’s cells, which plays an important role in immune responses and gut functions & The THC-like compounds that the body produce increase the permeability of the intestines, which allows bacteria in. The cannabinoids from cannabis oil block these body-made cannabinoids helping to prevent the permeability and ensuring the intestinal cells have a tightened bond.

Increases Sleep Longevity

If you suffer from the constant anxiety during the night time hours, or suffer from insomnia or struggle from getting a restful, undisturbed sleep, then cannabis oil might be the solution for you. The cannabis oil works by relaxing the mind and body, and generating a lower energy level, it will be easier for you to get your heart rate down and clear your mind to allow for a long, restful sleep.

 Relieves Arthritis Discomfort

The health benefits of cannabis oil in regards to rheumatoid arthritis include promoting sleep, reducing inflammation, and alleviating pain. These effects of cannabis oil combined help to relieve the pain and discomfort that people with arthritis have. Order cannabis oil online

Reduces Glaucoma

In regards to eye health, cannabis oil has been linked to the reduction in glaucoma and the prevention of macular degeneration. As people age, eye health is one of the major reasons why people turn to cannabis oil.

Soothes Tremors

The effects of cannabis have been shown to reduce pain and tremors, and improve sleep for those who have Parkinson’s disease. There has also been research that demonstrated improved fine motor skills among its patients.

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Treats PTSD

The naturally occurring cannabinoids, similar to THC, contribute to the health benefits of cannabis oil. The cannabinoids help to regulate the system that causes anxiety and fear in the brain and body. This specific use of cannabis oil has been connected to benefiting veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Order cannabis oil online

Protects Brain after Stroke

Research shows that the effects of cannabis may help to protect the brain from the damage that is caused by a stroke. This is done by reducing the size of the area that was affected by the stroke. There has been research that has shown neuroprotective effects from cannabis that protects the brain in the case of other traumatic events, like concussions.Order cannabis oil online

 Prevents Cancer

Early reports of research have shown that the active ingredients in cannabis oil can reduce tumour size and have preventative, and says that the oil makes it easier to beat cancer for those suffering with the disease.
If you would like to take advantage of the health benefits of cannabis oil jerry cannabis dispensary makes it possible for you to access the highest quality of weed online, buy moon rocks online, buy marijuana edibles online

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How Marijuana helps those suffering from PTSD.

Marijuana’s potential as part of treatment for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Buy recreational marijuana USA
Marijuana is approved to treat PTSD in some states already — in New Mexico, PTSD is the number one reason for people to get a license for medical marijuana.
Naturally occurring cannabinoids, similar to THC, help regulate the system that causes fear and anxiety in the body and brain.
But there are still questions about the safety of using marijuana while suffering from PTSD, which this study — which has taken a while to get off the ground— will hopefully help answer.
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