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Best Marijuana Strains for Appetite

Updated: Apr 25

How Does Marijuana Affect Appetite?

Regulating hunger takes a lot of work. There are several processes that the body uses for your appetite. Your body produces a substance called leptin when you eat food. Also, this substance regulates hunger, letting you know that you have eaten enough. Buy real Weed online USA.

When you become hungry, it is because the leptin levels have dropped. But when your body’s leptin levels are not functioning correctly, whether due to a physical or medical condition, you could end up being either a stimulated appetite or a suppressed appetite, depending on the issue.

There are specific processes in the body that regulate hunger. When you eat, the body produces leptin, a substance known to help suppress appetite. Also, you begin to feel hungrier when your leptin levels decrease. However, physical and medical conditions prevent the leptin levels from falling or increase the leptin production rate. Buy real Marijuana Strain online USA.

Best Weed Strains for Appetite


Girl Scout Cookies strain is a popular strain for both recreational and medical marijuana users. Also, It is a THC heavy-hitter, offering THC content that could reach up to 28%. More so, the strain is a stroke of genetic brilliance, with OG Kush and Durban Poison as parent strains. Furthermore, the GSC is a slight (60%)  Indica dominant hybrid that is a favorite amongst users looking to increase their appetite. Buy real Weed online USA.

If you are a cannabis rookie, then best you beware. Also, this strain is a heavy hitter with extraordinarily high THC levels and a typically low CBD content (0.2%). More so, the GSC tends to take you straight into a cerebral rush and is known to give an intense burst of energy. Furthermore, the GSC is a strain that could enhance mood and inspire fits of contented laughter along the way. Buy Weed online worldwide shipping.

GCS has an aroma reminiscent of minty chocolate and tastes similar to candy. Also, GSC is undoubtedly one of the best strains for appetite disorders. Buy real Weed online USA.

Diablo weed strain

While the sound of ‘Diablo’ could send you into a whimsical trance of superheroes and action, the truth is that this strain inspires nothing more than serenity and calm. Also, the THC content is lighter than the GSC, typically around 20%, so if you are a more novice user, this strain should be more up your alley. 

Diablo weed strain may not be as famous as Girl Scout Cookies, but it is also a 60% Indica hybrid that inspires happiness and relaxation. This cannabis strain is well known in the medical marijuana community to enhance appetite. 

Diablo could be beneficial for those suffering from appetite disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. Also, this is especially true for those with bulimia, as Diablo marijuana strain can help calm the inflammation in the stomach. Diablo is a great strain better suited for use later in the day or the evening.  Buy real Weed online USA.

Pineapple Express weed strain

The pineapple express strain shot to fame thanks to the movie named after the strain. While it was a humorous take on a quality strain starring James Franco, Danny McBride, and Seth Rogan, it does not paint an accurate or pretty picture for neither cannabis nor this specific strain. Also, Pineapple Express kush is one of the most famous strains in the world. Buy real Weed online USA.

While this fame could be chalked down to the mainstream movie, it is also because the Pineapple Express is a fantastic strain. Another hybrid, the Pineapple Express, is also a 60% hybrid but is more of a Sativa dominant strain. The THC content can be as high as 25% percent but tests between 19 and 25%. 

Pineapple Express weed strain is an uplifting strain that tends to inspire euphoria and energy. Those who enjoy creative pursuits will be happy to hear that the Pineapple Express strain is perfect for creativity and daytime activities. Buy real Weed online USA.. As the name suggests, the strain smells like pineapple, while the taste is tropical and refreshing. 

Tahoe OG Kush strain

Unlike the other strains that feature on this list, Lake Tahoe OG weed is a more balanced, 50/50 hybrid. Also, Tahoe OG Kush strain is also an excellent strain to turn to when you keep turning under the covers, unable to fall asleep. More so, the THC content is regularly tested at around 20-25% and less than 0.1% CBD. The strain is potent and should be left for evening use. Buy Weed online worldwide shipping.

Tahoe OG cannabis strain has an almost instantaneous relaxing effect while still inspiring an energetic boost. Once you’ve simmered down after the initial rush, you can brace yourself for an incredible appetite boost. More so, the strain has a refreshing pine scent and is known to taste reminiscent of lemons.

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