Tangerine dream marijuana

Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 25%

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Tangerine dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strains. It was awarded a Cannabis Cup in 2012, which played an important role in boosting its popularity. Also, it is well-known for its muscle relaxation and pain relieving properties.  More so, its ability to relieve pain is what makes it special. The strain helps relax muscles and clear the mind. Unlike many other strains, Tangerine Dream does not blur the smoker's mind.The strain is available in different flavours that produce a strong effect. Moreover, the composition of sativa and indica produce cerebral energy that energizes the whole body.  Tangerine dream is a great choice for those looking for an intoxicating strain that also retains focus. Buy Tangerine dream online

Tangerine Dream smokers usually feel an immediate head rush that leaves the senses buzzing. The immediate effects of the strain include extreme euphoria, feelings of happiness as well as an uplifted and creative mood.Tangerine dream offers a sweet and intense citrus aroma that evokes relaxation in the smoker. What follows is a spreading feeling of warmth and emotional uplift that can be disorienting in the short term. This balance can tip towards a heavier body high in larger doses, however. Buy Tangerine dream online.

Medically, Tangerine dream has been known to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Tangerine Dream has application for mood disorders. It can be a source of relief for those suffering from stress and anxiety. Its functional sense of focus may also be beneficial for users with attention deficit disorders. Some may feel a relaxation of tense muscles and relief from chronic aches and pains. Buy weed online .Buy Tangerine dream online.

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Tangerine dream